Fact or Fiction- Concrete kills batteries!

Posted by Derek R. on 10th Aug 2014

Many of you have probably heard someone saying that they sat a battery on a piece of wood or cardboard rather than sitting it on a concrete floor.  The tale is that the concrete will drain the battery and kill it.

Well this myth is false.  Concrete does not kill a battery.  The real reason a battery dies is from sitting.  A battery can be drained whether it is sitting on concrete, wood, metal or any other surface.  When a battery is sitting, it is slowly draining.  And if a battery sits for a long period of time, it loses enough electricity to not start your mower or boat or motorcycle the next time your ready to use it.  Even a battery that is left in a vehicle (motorcycle, classic car, etc..) over the winter has a very good chance of being drained come springtime.  

There are two ways to avoid this if you know your battery will be sitting for a long period of time.  First is to hook the battery up to a 2-6 amp charger (depending on the size of the battery) for a couple of hours about once a month.  If you're like me and might have trouble remembering to do this once a month, then option two is for you.

A Battery Tender is a charger that is much more than a charger. A Battery Tender can be hooked onto a battery and left on 24/7, 365 days a year. It will not overcharge your battery.  It senses when your battery is losing electricity and puts that energy back into the battery to keep it fully charged. Seasonal batteries that are kept charged with a Battery Tender tend to last several years longer than batteries that are not. Click here for more information on Battery Tender

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