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Whether you drive a car or a tractor trailer, at Battery Warehouse we have the battery to meet your needs.  We carry a full line of automobile, light truck, tractor trailer, farm equipment, construction, industrial and specialty batteries.  We are a distributor of Deka Batteries which are made here in the USA in Pennsylvania.  Each Deka battery is tested by our expert trained staff when we receive it, then again before it leaves our store or installed in your vehicle.  This means you can have the peace of mind that you are not going to leave Battery Warehouse with anything but the best. 

So if you are local to the Lancaster or surrounding areas and are in need of a battery, stop by and let our knowledgeable staff test your battery to make sure the battery is your real issue.  We do not want to sell you a battery if you do not need one.  If you do need one, you know you will leave with the battery that is designed for your vehicle the first time. Many battery installations in cars and light trucks are FREE!  

By buying your next battery from us, you not only get a strong battery at the areas best prices, but you also get service you can depend on for the life of the battery. We will preform FREE starting and charging system checks for you twice a year and give you expert advice on how to prolong your battery life for your vehicle. If the kids left the dome lights on and drained your battery, stop by and see us.  Don't just go out and buy a new battery, your old battery may be able to be recharged and put back into service if your battery passes our extensive testing. 

Keep in mind that the average life of a battery in America is a little over 4 years.  If your battery is approaching this age or more, it is best to stop in for periodic battery checks.  It is better to find out of a battery problem before your car won't start and are already running late for work or that appointment.

If you cannot visit our location, we highly recommend locating a Deka dealer in your area.  We also carry a line of batteries made by Odyssey that are the best batteries on the planet.  Odyssey Batteries can handle the most abusive and extreme conditons.  These batteries can be shipped to you via UPS, because they are completely sealed.

Learn more about Odyssey Batteries by clicking here