About Us

Battery Warehouse in Lancaster, Pennsylvania was established in 1984. After being in the same location for 30 years, we moved to a much larger, more visible location. At it's inception, the business carried a limited inventory of automotive, marine, and truck batteries.

In December, 1987 Le Wey, Inc. was incorporated and shortly thereafter we purchased this business from the original owner. Under our ownership the inventory has increased in both volume and scope, expanding further by adding many new types of batteries that have become available to the market.

Then, with the explosion of new technology, going back to cordless phone and camera batteries, and continuing through today, our inventory has grown to include batteries for almost every device that requires a battery. We carry a large selection of cell phone, laptop, and camera batteries. If we do not have a particular battery in stock, we are able to get it quickly for our customer through one of our numerous suppliers.

Our expanded services now include custom-made battery cables and battery packs and the rebuilding of power tool battery packs. Battery chargers and tenders are also part of the inventory available to our customers.

From carrying the smallest watch and hearing aid batteries to the largest industrial batteries our goal is to provide all of our customers with excellent service, advanced technical support, and competitive pricing for all of their battery needs. We hold ourselves accountable to the principle of doing what is right. If you don't need a battery, we won't sell you one! We also ship batteries to our customers who are unable to visit our location or who live out of the area.

We will be happy to quote you a price for a single battery or for as many as you need. We hope we can add you to our ever increasing list of satisfied business and consumer customers.